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List of license holders since the pubs inception.

1853 Henry Talbot built the first Hotel on the banks of the Wakool River
1882 Henry Talbot and his brother John became the first registered licensees.
1889 Thomas Spinks
1890 John Spinks (Thomas' son) Duncan McInness built the existing hotel.
1909 H.A. Wood leased the hotel to Frank White & McMillan Hellings.
1922 Richard Sylvester Wilkins, James Keely, Beckonsdale.
192..(?) Powell Family
1925 Angus McDonald
1949 Eric Thomas Bradbury
1950 Keith Edward Miller
1950-52 James O'Conner
1952-53 Sybil Wilson Bradbury
1953-55 William Edward Gerrard
1955-56 Sybil Wilson Bradbury
1956-65 Marie Josephine Murphy
1965-66 Leonard Bandy
1966-72 Marie Josephine Murphy
1974-77 Noel Bernard Cogger
1977-81 Kenneth Ivan Medwin
1981 Clair Panyi (May - December)
1981-82 Clair Paikert
1982-89 Robert Donnington Bruton
1989.... Vickterine Carol Barnes